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                      Panoramic pictures of Malta, Gozo and Comino  

In a Maltese tourist guidebook once was written:

„There are no mountains or desert, no large valleys or rushing forests. Where one directs his attention, you see either small or large villages, walled fields or karst land.
Only the seasons bring variety...“

A statement that may be true at first, but when one put Malta's size in relation to its biodiversity, there is a lot to discover on the island. want to give an insight into this diversity of the Maltese islands and contribute to preserve this natural beauty.
Why should we invest in this landscape? One question which must be answered.

The archipelago of Malta consists of three islands: Malta, Gozo and Comino. The viewers get worth knowing and an insight in all three islands in the form of a large panorama gallery.

Lastly, the site wants to appeal for dealing actively with nature and learn to protect it.
Just leave behind the car and discover nature - And there is much to discover.
Georges Duhamel, a French cultural critic and humanist said even then:
„The landscape will conquered with the shoe soles and not with the car tires.“

In this sense, I wish you lots of fun exploring the site and breathtaking discovery tours.
If you want further details about the site and the landscapes of Malta, you are also welcome to come in contact with the author.

hristian Langer

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