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                            Panoramic pictures of Malta, Gozo and Comino  
The archipelago of Malta consists of three islands - Malta, Gozo and Comino - each is different and worth discovering. This page is a tribute to the natural beauty and biodiversity of this Central Mediterranean island group.
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The largest island of the archipelago has a total area of 245.7 km. Malta's face with its world heritage Valletta reflects the varied past - From the oldest free-standing structures in the world and Roman ruins, to the monuments from the time of St John. Malta Gallery The 67.1 km² large island with the capital Victoria is affectionately called the Ireland of the Mediterranean. It is more the quiet counterpart and a somewhat mysterious island. Here you will find idyllic bays with beautiful rocky and sandy beaches. Gozo Gallery     The small almost uninhabited island between Malta and Gozo is Comino. It has only a size of 2.8km², but one of the most beautiful bays in the Mediterranean
- The blue lagoon. Comino takes its title from the Maltese name „Kemmuna“ as a former cultivation island of cumin. Comino Gallery

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